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Mia Crystal

Mia Crystal

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The Mia angular cat's eye reading glasses combine the classic elegance of cat-eye frames with a modern twist by featuring sharp, angular edges. This contemporary design adds a bold and stylish element to the iconic cat-eye shape, creating a unique and fashion-forward accessory with a blend of vintage charm, and contemporary flair.

Featuring blue light filtering lenses to pretect you from the modern lifestyle, and spring hinges for all day comfort.


Both frame and lens is made of polycarbonate.

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Care Instructions

- Clean your lenses and frame regularly with water and a drop of mild liquid lotion-free soap.

- Gently shake off water drops — dry your lenses with a soft, clean microfibre lens or lint-free cotton cloth.

- Keep your glasses away from household detergents and beauty products such as hairspray and perfume. These can damage lenses and coatings.

- Use both hands when you put on and take off your glasses.

- Store your glasses in the provided pouch.

- Don’t wipe your lenses with a towel that has been washed with fabric softener, as this can leave a cloudy film on your lenses.Don’t put your glasses down on heat sources like oven’s, or leave them in a hot car.

- Don’t put your glasses down on the curved side of the lenses. This can scratch the surface of the lenses.

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Stylish Anti-Blue Reading Glasses

We believe premium quality glasses that protect your eyes should look great too.

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